The specialists at Viru RMT have gained extensive experience in development, implementation, and maintenance of analytical systems.

What follows is a list of the main devices which are installed and maintained by our specialists:

  • Measuring the explosive concentration of gases (sulphur/hydrocarbon mixture, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen);
  • Measuring sanitation ratings for carbon dioxide and methane;
  • PH-meters;
  • Dust meters;
  • Salinity meters;
  • Measuring moisture content.

Our company develops and implements reliable high-quality systems of sample preparation, also for aggressive and abrasive environments. Such systems do mechanic filtration, cool the samples, remove moisture, do dosing, and perform other operations.

Viru RMT in cooperation with the company Kontram provides installation and maintenance of the systems of monitoring flue gases.

Such systems measure the content of the following components:

  • nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2),
  • carbon oxide and dioxide (СО, СО2),
  • sulphur dioxide (SO2);
  • hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride (НF, HCl),
  • hydrocarbons: methane, the amount of hydrocarbons without methane and the total amount of hydrocarbons
  • (ТОС).

In addition to that, the system can be equipped with the optical analyzer of particulate matter of dust and the sensor for measuring the concentration of oxygen (О2).

The systems prepare reports by default.