Viru RMT has got extensive experience in the fields of installation, setting-up, and maintenance of instrumentation and automated control systems of different types and classes.

It allows the specialists at Viru RMT to detect imperfections in the systems soon enough and to eliminate them fast and efficiently.

Our employees maintain active connections with the majority of well-known manufacturers all over the world, which means that we are able to provide technical support to our customers whenever they need it and to give them advise about how to solve the problems they have and accomplish their goals.

We do installation, connection, and maintenance of all kinds of measurement equipment.

Whenever required, our specialists make external chambers, constriction devices, thermowells, impulse lines filled with non-boiling and non-freezing liquids.

Inspection and calibration

Viru RMT has got certified equipment required for providing metrological support, both on its own premises and on the customer’s premises.

Our employees do calibration, inspection and repair of measurement devices and actuators.

If the customer wants, we can make a schedule of equipment inspection, on the basis of which the equipment will be maintained and replaced in due time.