Manufacturing metal structures is one of our top-priority activities. Viru RMT has project-oriented production. Our team can offer you an integrated solution:

  • Developing a conceptual model, the draft design, project cost estimation, technical and economical feasibility assessment;
  • Development engineering, including the preparation of the whole set of design-engineering documents, 3D-modelling, and analysis;
  • Production of structures, including painting;
  • Erection of structures on site;
  • Whenever required, commissioning and start-up activities are done and the after-sales service is provided.

Viru RMT has got production equipment and production facilities, which allow to produce, assembly, and paint large-sized products.

Viru RMT does the whole range of operations connected with the production of metal structures on up-to-date equipment: making workpieces, machining them, welding, assembly, surface treatment, and painting. We have load-lifting vehicles and cranes.

The total surface of our production facilities is over 3,500 m2. The annual production capacity of  Viru RMT is up to 3,000 tons of metal structures. The production capacity of plasma and gas cutting is up to 100 tons per month.

We have extensive experience and capacities for working with:

  • Sheet, graded, and sectional material;
  • Carbon, alloy, and stainless steel;
  • Simple and module structures, tubulars.

We provide the high quality of our products through the following:

  • Quality management in accordance with the international standard IS0 9001:2000.
  • In-process quality assurance.
  • Welding and assembly works are done by highly qualified employees who hold international qualification certificates.
  • The quality is measured with the help of electronic measuring devices and also by doing non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Full engineering and technological support of different projects.

The additional advantage is the availability of good logistic capabilities: the Tallinn-St.Petersburg highway runs nearby as well as the railroad. There are sea ports in Sillamäe and Tallinn.