For 2014, it has been planned to put into operation the lime production facility of VKG Energia. Viru RMT is managing the project of its construction.

The purpose of the lime plant is to recycle the barren rock generated in Ojamaa mine to the maximum and to produce from it the low-quality lime that is required for trapping SO2. When designing the facility, all of the best possible technological requirements were taken into consideration in order to produce the minimum amount of emissions.

The output of the lime plant is meant for the sulphur trapping equipment that is currently in operation as well as for supplying the future trapping equipment (according to the plans of the group, at least two more sulphur traps will be built) with raw material.

It has been planned to install the vertical lime furnace with the production capacity of 75 tons per day on the territory of VKG Energia Northern power station at the end of the building with boilers. The advantage of the location is the proximity of the heating gas pipeline and the possibility to store the stock of the limestone raw material right near the lime plant.

The raw material used in the production of lime will be the barren rock from the Ojamaa mine. The barren rock with the maximum content of calcium carbonate will be used.

The entire output of the plant, i.e. the ground calcium quicklime, is used for removing sulphur dioxide from the gases emitted by VKG Energia Northern power station.

The ground lime is pumped from the plant to the container for calcium quicklime with the help of pneumatic conveyor system, from  which it moves to NID-purification equipment.