In 1921, the experimental oil factory was commissioned in Kohtla-Järve, where it was attempted to retort oil shale in a special retort with the purpose of getting oil, or, in other words, oil shale was heated with no air access. Since the results exceeded expectations, in 1924-1942, four oil factories were built.

In 1945, pursuant to the resolution of the State Defence Committee of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the construction of the new oil shale processing facility started in Kohtla-Järve under the slogan “Gas for Leningrad”.

And in 1948, the pumping of household gaseous fuel produced from oil shale to Leningrad started. Afterwards the gas pipeline was also run to Tallinn and other towns in Northern Estonia.

In 1947, the automation workshop was founded within the structure of the oil shale processing facility, and in 1992, a subsidiary named KJ Automaatika OÜ was founded on its basis.

OÜ Viru RMT is a subsidiary of Viru Keemia Grupp AS (VKG), which started operating on 1 September 2001. The company was founded on the basis of  the repairing and machining workshop of Viru Õlitööstus AS (VKG Oil AS since 20.07.2005), which means that a company has long-term experience in providing services to the companies operating in the field of the chemical industry and power engineering.

In 2003, the subsidiary of VKG AS named KJ Automaatika OÜ joined Viru RMT, and the new production unit for maintaining water supply and sewerage networks was established. The number of employees at the moment of the merger was 171, while the turnover amounted to 2.207 mln €.

In 2005, the Production Department was set up and developed. In 2006-2007, the up-to-date preproduction and assembly divisions as well as painting, welding, and erection departments were opened in the company.

In 2007, the Construction Department was set up within the structure of Viru RMT OÜ.

In 2008, the design group was put together.

Viru RMT OÜ holds a ISO 9001 certificate since 2006. In 2007, an international certificate was awarded to the company, which confirms the conformity of the system of occupational health to the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard.