Viru RMT is a company which has long-term experience in the field of working with insulation. High quality insulation allows to reduce the amount of heat losses while the equipment is in operation, extends service life and improves sanitary and hygienic conditions in rooms. We help our customers to find the best possible insulation solutions and select the materials.

Viru RMT offers the following services:

  • design and installation of insulation coating;
  • maintenance and repair of the existing insulation coating;
  • covering insulation materials with other materials;
  • dismantling and disposal of old insulation.

We offer the following insulation operations:

  • installation of water-proof insulation in buildings, pipelines, the equipment for the protection against moisture attack and penetration;
  • installation of anticorrosive insulation, i.e. metal surfaces for the protection from different types of corrosion;
  • installation of heat insulation in order to reduce heat passage through the walls of the pipelines, buildings, equipment;
  • installation of sound insulation for the prevention of the transmission of mechanical and aerodynamic noise;
  • installing fire-proof insulation.

We work at different industrial and civil objects:

  • industrial pipelines and routes;
  • reservoirs, tanks;
  • air ducts, smoke stacks;
  • tanks and vessels, boilers, heat exchangers;
  • boiler and turbine equipment;
  • pump stations, heating units;
  • ventilation ducts;
  • water supply, heating, sewerage, and stormwater pipes;
  • cooling systems.