Viru RMT has got over 20 years of experience in finishing the surface of metal structures. We have our own department that does surface finishing by means of sandblasting and shotblasting as well as applying paint. In our work, we use up-to-date industrial technologies of surface coating, modern equipment and materials.

Equipment and rooms in the paint shop allow to work with large spare parts and structures. The dimensions of our shotblasting chamber is 4 m х 15 m х 4 m (width, length, height);  the total surface area of the paint shop is 500 m2.

The equipment that we have allows to prepare the surface by means of abrasion to the Sa 2 ½-th degree, according to the international standard ISO 8501-1:2007.

We use different technologies for applying protective coating.

We have equipment for applying coating from epoxy and polyurethane paints.