The activities of Viru RMT have the following characteristics:

  • we are a project-oriented company, i.e. the majority of the works that we do are project-based.
  • owing to the facilities that we provide, we can offer our customers integrated solutions in any branch of production activities or their combinations.

Within the context of the business philosophy of Viru RMT, project management is regarded as the management of the site with the development perspective, i.e. its condition in the future is taken into consideration. Consequently, we regard project planning as a continuous process aimed at determining and coordinating the best possible course of actions that would help to achieve the goals set within the project, taking into consideration different factors affecting its implementation. As the project progresses, the specification and updating of the project plans take place continuously as well as its in-depth development.

The main principles of project management at Viru RMT:

  • The development of a consistent well-structured representation of the project and a clear description of its main elements;
  • Putting together the project team and developing an adequate organizational structure of project management that is consistent with the structure of the project and the conditions of its implementation;
  • Guaranteeing the proper functioning of the processes of project management, the interaction of the participants in the project.
  • In order to achieve the aims of the project, the project team and the project management team are put together. Regardless of the type of the project, it includes experts in different fields from different units and departments.

Finding solutions to customers´ problems

Competition on the market requires that the companies cut production costs, boost the efficiency and operational capability of management, and improve quality, i.e. it requires the transition to the strategy of “cost-effective” production.

The integrated service provided by Viru RMT allows our customers to solve these problems and boost the competitiveness of their companies.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Close cooperation with a customer enables us to find the best solution for the customer, both in terms of technology and the “price-quality” correlation;
  • The integrated approach enables us to take into consideration the accompanying inside and outside factors, the accompanying production processes, and come up with the best possible solution, including work planning;
  • New solutions (including upgrading) allow to boost efficiency, increase liability, reduce the time of scheduled downtime, and, consequently, to cut the costs;
  • The quality of the service that we offer reduces the duration of scheduled downtime, increasing the duration of the maintenance-free runtime of the equipment;
  • Automation of processes and a user-friendly interface help to increase operational capacity, which, in its turn, allows to cut the costs.