The services that we provide

We provide maintenance services for the following systems and equipment 

  • Load lifting, lifting and handling equipment, supervision, technical supervision and testing load lifting equipment
  • Compressor and pumping equipment
  • Hydraulic systems and equipment.
  • Conveyer systems and equipment.
  • Auxiliary power engineering equipment.
  • Technological equipment (heat exchangers, scrubbers, columns, filters, retention basins, etc.);
  • Engineering systems: heating, water supply, fire extinguishing, sewerage, and ventilation.
  • Automation equipment and devices.

We provide maintenance services for the following structures and structural units 

  • Structures for industrial buildings and constructions.
  • Metal structures, platforms, trestles, etc.
  • Tanks and vessels, containers, silos, etc.
  • Pipeline systems, fittings, electric motor and air-powered drives, flanges, etc.
  • Fire-proof operations.

Additional operations

  • Desing engineering aimed at production and renovation of spare parts and equipment units.
  • Repairing equipment and metal structures: blank production, fitting, machining, welding, and painting.
  • Lifting and handling equipment.
  • Cleaning heat-exchange equipment using hydroblasting and other machines.