For maintaining the construction sites and carrying out construction and assembly operations, Viru RMT has got a fleet consisting of 5 mobile cranes with the lifting capacity of 350 tons and the boom length of up to 132 meters.

In addition to that, we also have other lifting and transportation mechanisms: hoisting units, loader-diggers, self-loading machines, etc.

Our company is located in Kohtla-Järve, but we provide services all over Estonia.

Our equipment has been checked, certified, and is maintained appropriately, in order to provide high quality and safe operations.

Viru RMT provides lifting and transportation equipment for hire, together with the operator.

Mobile cranes Lifting capacity, t Boom length, m
KRUPP KMK-6140 140 46 + 22
Liebherr 350 350 72 + 60
KC-4372 16 16
KC-35 14 14