We are offering integrated solutions for the companies operating in the fields of the mining industry, the electric power industry, the processing industry, and the chemical industry.

Our customers are offered a full range of services, from exploration and research, carrying out feasibility studies and preparing the evaluation of costs, and preparing the detailed production drawings to manufacturing, painting, assembly, automation, providing after-sales service, preparing technical datasheets, manuals, etc.

The services that we offer to our customers are best illustrated in the matrix below:

  • Horizontal solutions – the main operations, or, in other words, the industrial operations;
  • Vertical solutions – integrated solutions aimed at organization, management, and support of the main operations.

Horizontal solutions

  • Manufacturing metal structures (including blank production, machining, fitting, assembly works and painting);
  • Construction and erection (also under the master contract, external utility lines), erection of metal structures, insulation and lining operations;
  • Maintenance and repairs of technological systems and equipment (including lifting and hoisting);
  • Automation – automation of industrial technological processes.

Vertical solutions

  • Project management – general project management, both in separate fields and branches and with the provision of integrated solutions.
  • Engineering design and development – design and engineering development of projects, preparing the set of design-engineering documents, production drawings, detailed plans, etc.
  • Engineering and technical support – development of the required technologies, process management, supervision over quality, equipment, etc.
  • Supply support and logistics – supplying required materials, tools, spare parts, equipment, and expendable materials; providing logistics, including the logistics of end products.

We can offer you both integrated horizontal and vertical solutions and their combinations.