Over 300 people are employed at the company. The company provides well-paid jobs to its employees, and the average salary is not only one of the highest in the district, but also in Estonia.

The employees are represented by the trade union, which was founded in 1948. We use collective labour agreements, which include a range of benefits and bonuses for the employees.

We ensure the compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, arising from the legislation.

We have a health care station, where employees are provided with professional medical assistance. At least once in three years employees undergo medical examination.

Job descriptions, procedures, regulations, and workplace safety guidelines have been developed for each workplace. We hold introductory briefings for our employees, which are also held on a regular basis after the employee has got down to work. Whenever required, the employees are also provided with additional briefings and training.

We have detected the risks associated with workplaces and processes, which are monitored on an ongoing basis. In order to monitor the risks and reduce the rate of their occurrence, we have prepared action plans for risk prevention and elimination.

The employees of our company participate in different trainings and courses and upgrade their skills.

Our employees can take part in different traditional events held by the parent company: the Chemist’s Day, the Miner’s Day, etc., and also in sports events.