At present, the main serviceable objects are the companies of the oil shale processing group company Viru Keemia Grupp, which is the largest oil shale processing facility in Estonia and in the world:

  • Oil shale processing companies;
  • Companies working in the field of heat power engineering;
  • Companies working in the chemical industry.

Bearing this in mind, especially the lattermost, strict requirements are imposed on quality, time limits, and workflow management, and we have been dealing with that successfully during the entire period of our existence, i.e. since 1947.

Oil shale processing companies

The main serviceable oil shale processing objects are the companies of VKG Oil – oil shale pyrolysis plants (thermal utilization) of Kiviter technology and the latest Petroter technology.

Serviceable objects of Kiviter technology:

  • The 1000th gasifier (heavy-lift gasifier);
  • Gas-generator plant No. 3 (16 gasifiers);
  • Gas-generator plant No. 4 (20 gasifiers);
  • Gas-generator plant No. 5 (16 gasifiers);
  • Installations for preparation of heavy and medium light oil (including 6 filters of Amafiltr technology).

Companies working in the field of heat power engineering 

The main serviceable companies in the field of heat power engineering are two heat power stations of the company VKG Energia: the Southern and the Northern, which are located in Kohtla-Järve and provide heat to the district with the population of 60,000 people.

Both power stations use gas and steam that are generated in the process of pyrolysis in the reactors of oil shale processing facilities. Besides, the Northern power station can use oil shale as backup fuel.

Companies working in the chemical industry

The main serviceable equipment in the chemical industry includes the objects in the byproduct-recovery department at VKG Oil:

  • Installation for distillation of generator oils;
  • Installation for dephenolation;
  • Installation for carbonization;
  • Installation for shale oils.