Viru RMT provides installation, reinforcement, and dismantling of structures, installation and dismantling of different equipment as well as the commissioning of the installed equipment.

We offer installation operations both as a part of the integrated service and as a separate service.

One of the largest latest projects is an S-shaped conveyor, which is unique in Estonia, which was assembled in 2011 by Viru RMT. The length of the structure is 12.5 km, while the cost of the project has been 14 mln EUR.

Installation, reinforcement, and dismantling of structures
We install the following structures:

  • structural units and fencing structures around buildings
  • structures in conveyor galleries
  • reservoir structures
  • mast structures, towers, ventilation pipes, cooling towers
  • rope bearing structures (expansions, cable structures, and others).
  • pipeline structures
  • structures for industrial technological installations
  • gas-air duct structures, etc.

Installation and dismantling of equipment
We install the following pieces of equipment:

  • lifting and handling equipment;
  • shut-off and control pipeline valves;
  • boiler and auxiliary equipment;
  • engineering communications equipment: the systems of gas, water supply, heating, etc.
  • equipment for industrial technological installations;
  • compressor installations, ventilation and air-conditioning installations, pumps, drier installations, etc.