In 2011, Viru RMT made the assembly of the “S”-shaped conveyor, unique in Estonia, which was built by the German construction group ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik GmbH. Since 2012, oil shale is supplied through the conveyor from the VKG Ojamaa mine to the industrial territory of VKG for the means of all oil shale processing plants of the group.

The works under the project started in 2009, and the erection started in 2011, while the conveyor was commissioned in the beginning of 2012. The length of the structure is 12.5 km. The speed of the loaded conveyor is 4 m/s and its capacity is 700 tons of oil shale per hour, which can make up to 3,200,000 tons per year. Oil shale is supplied from midday until 8:00 am and only on working days. From 8:00 am until midday, maintenance and current repairs of the conveyor are done.

The oil shale loaded from the mine is supplied to the industrial territory of VKG group within 52 minutes. The cost of the project is about 14 mln EUR, and it´s going to be in operation for 20 years. The conveyor runs through the territory of five rural municipalities (Mäetaguse, Maidla, Lüganuse, Kohtla-Nõmme, Kohtla) and through the territory of the town of Kohtla-Järve.

The new structure is the one of a kind not only in terms of technical, but also environmental parameters. The raw material is supplied to the territory of the oil shale processing facility without additional load for local roads, without noise, emissions, and dust.

The local community as well as specialists in the field of environmental protection were involved in the process of planning the route of oil shale supply. The habitats and habits of local animals and birds were taken into consideration. Throughout the entire length of the route, special tunnels and bridges for animals have been built, so that the tenants of the wood could cross the conveyor safely.