Viru RMT has got the following production facilities. 

All-purpose metal turning lathes Rotating diameter up to 1,000 mm; maximum length of a spare part: 4,000 mm
Milling machine H 1,000 / S 400 / L 1,400 mm;
Radial drilling machine Maximum diameter: 60 mm; Cantilever rotates at 360 degrees around its column.
CNC bending press Maximum bending length: 3,100 mm Maximum pressure force: 320 tons
Classical press Maximum pressure force: 100 tons
CNC 4-roller bending press L 2,500 mm /  S < 4 mm (max 45 mm) / Rmin= 480 mm;
Pipe bending Maximum diameter: 60 mm / Rmin= 43 mm;
Sheet bending S 12 mm / L 2,500 mm;
CNC machine for gas and plasma cutting Carbon steel – up to 120 mm, stainless steel – up to 30 mm. Dimensions of the table – up to 2,500 x 12,500 mm.
Welding carbon and stainless steel (manual, semi-automatic, and submerged-arc welding) TIG, MIG/MAG, SAW, MMA

In addition to the above-mentioned:

  • Production facilities are equipped with traveling cranes with the maximum load-lifting capacity of 10.
  • We have our own mobile cranes with the load-lifting capacity of up to 350 tons.
  • We have high-pressure water jet machinery Uraca operating under the pressure of 250-1,100 bar.

We produce steel structures from stainless and carbon steel (including HARDOX).